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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Jared ought to be embarrassed, but the people spoke and were heard!

We spoke and Subway listened. Army of Dad sent me this link this morning and I was pretty disappointed because I love the six-inch meatball sub at Subway and I was thinking we were going to have to stop eating there. The link to the story is below, but I'll also give you a quick run down.

In response to a European advertising campaign disparaging to America, a coalition led by Frontiers of Freedom sent a letter to SUBWAY President Fred DeLuca asking that he immediately recall trayliners being used in German SUBWAY stores that insult the way Americans look and tout a U.S. movie that bashes a popular American fast food chain. The trayliner asks "Why are the Amis {Americans} (“Amis” - a derogatory term for Americans) so fat?" and includes a caricature of the Statue of Liberty as an obese woman holding fries and a hamburger.

How dare they do this?

Well, I'll tell you how they dare. I called Subway World Headquarters in Milford, Conn., and spoke with PR dude Robert Wilson. He told me that the tray liners are there no longer. The people have spoken. :)

Wilson said that the offensive materials (my words, not his) were used strictly in-store. They were designed as an in-house promotion for the movie "Super Size Me" in which the dude ate McDonald's for 30 days straight and watched his weight balloon and his health deteriorate. Evidently, the foreign distributor of the film supplied the art of the bloated Statue of Liberty and the text in an effort to promote the movie. Evidently "Super Size Me" features Subway spokesdude Jared Fogle, too.

Subway has 100 stores in Germany, Wilson said. I'm hoping those 100 stores get to hear about "Super Size Me" without mocking one of the most respected symbols of my freedom.


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