Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


From Blue's Clues to indie rocker

*yawn* I'm way too old to do this.

Here are two shots of the drummer with the video screen behind him showing Steve rocking out. Steve is quite the entertainer and he is a fair musician and singer. Steve stayed on the other side of the stage most of the show, but ventured over to our side of the stage a couple of times.

We had a fun girls' night out. Not sure what else to say. Steve was very gracious in accepting some drawings Dylan made for him. I thought that was nice. Was weird, though, to see Steve talking about MILFs and drinking beer. The spazoids I pictured in the first post actually were being dorky during Modulator and ran into Steve causing him to spill his beer on the dance floor. He looked fairly peeved, but disappeared back to the dressing room area and returned with a fresh beer.


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