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Procrastination is my middle name

I got the big story done today. Even though it was late - it wound up being for the best. A lawsuit that was a big part of the story was settled Friday, so I was able to write the story with that knowledge instead of having to come back to it and rewrite it for the editor later when she got word about the lawsuit! So, my procrastination was a blessing in disguise this time.

Now, that is done. I can focus on five profiles that have to be written by tomorrow for the dreaded source review. I hate that, but this magazine promotes it and the sources love it. *shrug* So, I smile and deal with it. I get paid to deal with it and that is cool. Money is good. Being broke is bad. Then, after that, I have some brochure text to work on for the local community college district. That is good, too.

You know, things could be a whole lot worse. But, don't expect me to turn into Shirley Feenie and start singing the song about the ant that tried to move a rubber tree plant or whatever. I'm not THAT perky yet.


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