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Two days later

Well, it has been two days now since B-day and I still haven't set down to write about it. If you ask me now, how was it? I'll probably say not that bad. But, I'd be lying. It was pretty awful. It isn't as painful as childbirth, but it was pretty degrading. I know that may not make sense, but my feelings don't always make sense.

When I get a chance later today I'll write about it. I need to write about. My breast is still pretty sore, but that is to be expected, I would think.

We're watching the Power Puff Girls right now. Sarah picked out that video at Blockbuster last night. Robert selected Batman vs. Mr. Freeze.

Saturday, I had a pretty good garage sale. I sold some of my brother's stuff and cajoled my dad into taking a few of the bigger items of my brother's home with him to stick in his storage shed. So, that was successful. I made enough money to go rent a video and get some barbecue for dinner. So, that was nice. Army of Dad and I curled up in the floor with the blankets and pillows to watch The Rundown after we watched some Olympics and pieces of the Texans-Cowboys (I hate to call it a game, but ...) game. The Rock is pretty cool. It was a mediocre movie, but entertaining.

I feel more like myself now than I have in the previous few weeks. I think getting the biopsy over with helped. Now, I'm just waiting for the results. The radiologist said it will probably be Wednesday or Thursday before we hear anything. More waiting. *sigh* But, it shouldn't be that bad because we are going to be busy as hell this week. School starts on Tuesday. Monday we have to take some food for the teachers' luncheon, take Dylan to art classes, have a soccer coaches' meeting, meet the teacher and the exterminator is coming, too. Gees. I also have to write up brochure text that I didn't get to do because of doctor's visits last week.

So, maybe this afternoon I can blog about the biopsy.


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