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Frances puts the in-laws on the road

Think happy thoughts, say prayers, do a negative rain dance - whatever must be done. My mother-in-law is on the road today after Army of Dad's little brother boarded up the windows and battened down the hatches (so to speak). Taking the family pooch, they hit the road. Father-in-law is on the job in Minnesota. So, on the road to Atlanta to Army of Dad's sister's house for a long Labor Day weekend playing with a grandchild and hoping she has a home to return to next week.

The in-laws live on the Space Coast and in the projected path of Hurricane Frances. Today was a mandatory evacuation of their home on the barrier island where they live. Looks like their home should get it Saturday or Sunday.

I think it was Hurricane Floyd (unsure of that name) that hit the in-laws' home in September 1999 while mom-in-law was visiting us for Child No. 2's baptism and Child No. 1's birthday. Her home was the only on her block to receive damage, but it tore off the roof and made an indoor swimming pool in her house. So, needless to say, she is a wee bit freaked out. My friend, 2 of 5 (blogger known as labkat) has her future in-laws hitting the road, too, abandoning their home in West Palm Beach and heading for a friend's in Naples.

*thinking happy thoughts, thinking happy thoughts*


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