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Frances updates & my family

My father-in-law emailed me that it till my mom-in-law more than 16 hours to drive to Atlanta from her beach cottage in Florida; a drive that usually takes 6.5 hours. Evidently my bro-in-law lost his cell phone, the dog lost tufts of hair and mom-in-law lost sleep. But, they're safe in Atlanta. At least I think they're safe. I just saw footage on the Weather Channel of bumper to bumper traffic in Atlanta as people flee the hurricane.

I love to watch these dumbasses "on the scene" of the hurricane.
They can barely stay erect as they stand on the beach and get pounded by wind and rain. Do you suppose they get some form of hazard pay? When I was a reporter at the Durant Daily Democrat (in tornado alley of Oklahoma) we would get paid $50 if we had the best tornado picture to use for that evening's issue. Nothing like sending out a stupid 23-year-old reporter to chase tornados for the lure of a whopping $50.

Yet another view of traffic from the beautiful Cocoa Beach area. Vehicles travel west over the Intracoastal Waterway, leaving the Cocoa Beach, Fla. area. Army of Dad, I'm sorry to keep making you homesick.


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