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Cheney-Edwards debate

I'm really not sure if I can force myself to watch this tonight.

After the first debate, I'm not sure if I can watch any of them. The more I think about it, the more they remind me of my boys when they're fighting.

He's stubborn. He's a flip-flopper.

or in my house:

Mom, he's looking at me. Mom, he's raising his hand like he's gonna hit me.

And, then when it is over, each side proclaims the victory even if it is a draw or even if whose-ever side you're on thinks your guy did a better job.


  • At 4:26 PM, October 05, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I know I won;t be watching. Even if they had cancelled my softball game I would be watching the Twins instead!

    Army of Dad

  • At 5:15 PM, October 05, 2004, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    *shaking my head*

  • At 7:18 PM, October 05, 2004, Blogger Doug said…

    Heh. You guys are funny. In any case, only hardcore political junkies need to watch. The importance of the VP debate always gets talked to the skies, but history shows it has little to no effect on the polls.

    Incidentally Cheney will do just fine. And there's no such thing as a knock-out blow in a VP debate. Dan Quayle got hit with that "You're no Jack Kennedy line" was mocked to the skies, and was on the winning ticket that election.

    Let me know how the Twins do. :-)

  • At 8:41 AM, October 06, 2004, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    I watched part of it and I really like Dick Cheney. He is such a calm guy. I bet it would suck to be his kid ... you totally screw something up and he is lecturing you about making bad choices, yada yada yada ... I would think that calmness could be scary sometimes.


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