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Seeing Nascar in a new light

I was pleasantly surprised. I tend to see Nascar as a redneck sport that involves a bunch of drunks swilling beer and whooping at cars driving around a track. But, I've been opening my eyes more and more at friends of mine that are bigtime Nascar fans and they're not bigtime rednecks, but when I read this story, I knew I had to change my opinion about the sport and its fans. I'm all emotional these days anyway, but this story really brought tears to my eyes. Nascar drivers Tony Stewart and Kyle Petty were named the 2004 Most Caring Athletes by USA Weekend for their work in creating the Victory Junction Gang Camp.
The camp is designed to take sick and disabled children and give them a DisneyWorld meets Nascar experience. This place looks cool. There is even a hospital wing where kids can get their chemo or dialysis if they need it. The camp is free for children that are selected. There is an application process. But, when you look at the pictures in the USA Weekend issue today, you see children who don't have the opportunities that my healthy children get to run and play everyday. The 72-acre park includes a wheelchair-accessible swim park with fun stuff like a lazy river, fountains, sprinklers, etc. There is a theater with Nascar features all around it and even a racing simulation attraction that is a tribute to the motivation for the camp's creation - Adam Petty. Adam was Kyle Petty's son who died in a crash at age 19. Adam was the one who wanted to see a camp like this come to fruition.

What a wonderful tribute to their son. Another worthy endeavor. I have a newfound respect for Nascar and its drivers.


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