Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.



First Lady Laura Bush and Theresa Heinz Kerry had a debate of sorts - in the kitchen! Family Circle magazine asked both women to submit a cookie recipe for readers to try. Mrs. Bush shared her oatmeal chocolate chunk recipe, while Mrs. Heinz Kerry submitted her SUPPOSED pumpkin spice cookie recipe. Mrs. Bush won this culinary debate. Sixty-Seven percent of readers chose her cookie.

What the web article doesn't tell you is that Heinz-Kerry's originally submitted recipe didn't survive the test kitchen at FC, so she submitted a second recipe. Guess what? On July 23, a week before the FC voting deadline, Mrs. Kerry disowned her recipe on National Public Radio announcing that it wasn't her own recipe. Great. These people can't even tell the truth about cookie recipes. Surely, her personal cook/chef had a recipe she could give.

The recipes are on the FC link, fyi.


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