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Typing one-handed is usually more fun than this

It is pretty difficult to type with my left hand, so I will be brief and use some of my pre-written blogs for the next few days.

As far as the surgery goes, my doctor likes to take his time - not a bad thing I suppose. So, we were late getting started. My doctor came in to mark the ganglion cyst and initial it. So on my arm he writes his initials - no joke - SAW. He grinned when I made a comment about it.

On the bright side of having to wait, I got to watch DS9 while I waited. Tall, black and VERY handsome was my anesthesiologist, so that was good. He said he was trekkie, too. You gotta like a handsome doctor who comes in asking "who wants 2 for 1 margaritas?" Of course, they were syringes filled with good shit. I was out in a couple of minutes. Next thing I remember was trying to get the oxygen mask off and asking "Could I have my asshole?"

The nurse said she figured I meant my significant other and not my body part. She got him after a little while and she regaled him with the asshole story. I have a black eye, but we're not sure how it happened. Sometime during surgery. They said they taped my eyes shut. *shrug*

I slept much of the evening, but got to watch three hours of CSI before bed. Woohoo.


  • At 12:23 AM, October 31, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Typing with one hand is no fun at all, (shoulder surgery, one armed for 4 weeks). I'm glad you are feeling better. Take care, and don't do too much and wear yourself down!!!

  • At 7:57 AM, October 31, 2004, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    Thanks guys. I'm a trooper, but I'm trying to take it easy with my arm. Taking my No. 2 child to Six Flags while AoD refs games. Won't be using my arm and we'll be on the kiddie rides and trick or treating, so I'll be good.


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