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Going ADD again this morning

So much to do in the next few days as we get ready to depart for Houston tomorrow afternoon. I'm trying to figure out if we can make a pitstop at Hooter's or another sports bar to watch the Twins play tomorrow night for one thing.

We're getting ready to head to the Pumpkin Patch today for Little Bit's pre-school field trip. She always has such a good time. The boys both expressed their discontent that they can't go, too, so maybe one Sunday afternoon I'll take them out there to have some fun, too. I'm sure I'll have photos to post this afternoon.

I'm going for my first of several massages today. 2 of 5 gave me money to have my picture made with Spock for my birthday, but I found a bargain for the massages and will use her contribution toward that. Thank you very much dear lady for my relaxation!!!

Extortion - my son has a future in it if the art thing falls through. He lost a capped tooth the other day and kept telling me he hoped the tooth fairy would bring him $10. The kid is 10, so I think he knew he was talking to the tooth fairy. I told him the tooth fairy doesn't give that much money and certainly not for a cavity-riddled tooth. So, when I crept into his room Monday night to leave his money - our tooth fairy leaves the gold dollars with the little Indian girl on them (I can't spell her name) - I found a note to the tooth fairy.

It read:
Leave me $10 in the moreing.

To which the tooth fairy responded:
Silver teeth don't get that much money. Keep brushing. The Tooth Fairy.

Oddly enough, yesterday morning he said nothing about his note when I asked him if the tooth fairy left him anything.

For my inlaws. Looks like the state of Florida had enough of the hurricanes and headed north.


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