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Twinkies fever

It has hit.

Let the cursing commence.

Two years ago, my daughter interfered with the Twins post-season and Army of Dad's hunting plans. We heard about that for weeks. *rolling my eyes* She came two weeks early. How dare she?

But, I digress. My son, age 3 at the time, learned how to say about a dozen dirty words all in one sentence one evening during that fateful Twins post-season. Cocksucker is the one that really sticks out in my memory as the one word the child really enunciated well.

Now, the Twins are in the post season hunt again, although I don't think their fate will be any different. I hope I'm wrong because God only knows the string of profanity that only Army of Dad can weave. To paraphrase a line from one of my favorite movies, it is his medium and he works it as well as an artist does with oils on canvas.

Go Twinkies!!!! We'll all be wearing our Twins gear this week for good luck.

AoD's choice for the Nov. 2 election. Bat-Girl came up with the concept and the design. Now THERE is a team I can support. Now, if I can only get AoD to calm down during the games.


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