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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


I can't wait to see the pictures

From AP story this morning:
Kerry aimed to show undecided voters his more relaxed side Thursday with his goose-hunting trip. The National Rifle Association took out an ad in the local Youngstown newspaper claiming Kerry is posing as a sportsman while opposing gun-owners' rights. Hunting is of special interest in several states that are still up for grabs.

I just can't wait to see him grimacing when the recoil on the gun gets him. You know he will. Hell, you've seen the photos of him trying to catch a football and he looks pained.

Why doesn't he just give up trying to be "every man" and just be himself? I know it isn't THAT likeable, but damn. Dude. Give IT UP. You are an east coast liberal and you don't like to shoot guns, you don't play football with your step-sons ... show pictures of you reading a book or something. I'd have a little more respect for you.

I heard the mayor of Youngstown on the Rush Limbaugh show this week and he said the traditionally Democratic-voting city has hosted Kerry at least three or four times during his campaign and that Kerry didn't have a hunting license until this trip was planned last week. OOOhh, now THERE is an avid hunter. AoD had to have his license to be ready to go the first day hunting season opened. Now, I know Kerry is on the campaign trail and doesn't have much time to hunt right now, but I'll be damned before I believe that HE is an avid hunter and sportsman, especially considering his opinion and voting record regarding gun control.

Ok, I need to stop and get ready for the day, but I just couldn't let this one go. This morning, WBAP's morning folks railed on Kerry, too, about how he was shooting at the press corps. I think MOST politicians would like to take a pot shot at those guys now and again. But, I really can't wait to see these pictures. Plus, you KNOW he has to have pictures of him hunting. This guy re-enacted his military stuff for the photo ops.


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