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I really hate being sick

Note to self: Nyquil makes me antsy. I'm never taking that stuff again. My fever broke, but I woke up like every 20 minutes. Totally sucked. My head hurt all night and still does. I hate that feeling of being in a fog. I dropped the boys off at school this morning instead of walking them to their classes like I usually do. I just don't think I would have the energy to do that.

Since I really can't think straight, I'll post the pics from our final day of our trip to Houston. Along the interstate in Huntsville is this gigantic statue of Sam Houston. It is really cool and every time we go by it, I always want to stop, but we never seem to have time. This trip, we took the time to do it. Was pretty fun. Met some local yokel there who was going to have to get in big ladder thing and paint it for some upcoming festival. He didn't seem real anxious about doing that job, not that I blame him.The statue is the tallest of an American hero at 67 feet tall.
The little red speck at the bottom is me.

This was weird. They had this Sam Houston head down by a little mini ampi-theater. I'm sure there is a story that goes with it, but it beats me, I couldn't find anything about it.


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