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How 'bout those Astros?

I like both the Cardinals and the Astros, but have a little more alliance with the Astros as a home-state team. But, I'm so proud of them. I'm also happy to see the Red Sox come back to beat the Yankees. Now, I really have no great like for either of those teams, but I hate the Yankees more.

Makes my dream really amusing, too. I finally caught the cold both of my youngest children have had for a while and in between wheezing and hacking last night, I had a dream about the Yankees game. It was the last thing I watched on TV before hitting the hay. It was the bottom of the 12th when we gave up. I dreamed that Jeter got hurt and they moved A-Rod to short and put me in at third. (I played third base in fast-pitch softball for a number of years, so you just KNOW that I could handle this hot spot. *rolling my eyes*) At one point, we got some guy in a run-down between home and third and when the play was over, I underhanded the ball to A-Rod and it caught him in his cup. I picked up the ball and handed it to him and told him that I'd rub it for him if we weren't on national TV and he requested we take up the offer after the game. Dammit. I woke up before we got to the good part.


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