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I love shopping carts

What did moms do before shopping carts? How did they go to the market with half a dozen kids in tow? It amazes me. As I was plopping Stinkerbelle in the fourth shopping cart of the morning, it just struck me that this may be one of my favorite - all-time - inventions. So, I wondered about how it started ... and like any other piece of information on the face of the planet, I found its origins on the Internet. The Smithsonian has a page dedicated to it.

We had a very busy day. As soon as we dropped off the boys at school, we retrieved my crock pot from the teacher's lounge. Yesterday, us PTA moms brought soup for the staff appreciation luncheon. They just had Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup from me, but it tastes pretty good on a chilly day like yesterday. We had a 2-year check-up at the pediatrician's office immediately after we left. She was pronounced beautiful and healthy. Two things we already knew. She weighs a petite 23 pounds and is in the 10 percentile for weight and the 45 percentile for height. She screamed and/or cried from the moment we pulled into the parking lot until the receptionist gave her a Trick or Treat Winnie the Pooh sticker as we left the office. Then, she thanked that woman profusely and waved bye-bye to her.

From there, we went to pay the electric bill and stop by the post office to see if I had any paychecks there. Sadly, the answer was no. She got bitchy as we ran by the athletic store to look for soccer socks for AoD. They were out. The child saw some machine with gum and candy and she pitched an ENORMOUS fit when I told her no to candy. Little stinker tried to bite me when I scooped her up. So, she got popped on the butt and was denied *gasp in horror* her TV and Teletubbies in the car. Nothing more pathetic than the wails of a 2-year-old from the backseat "I wahn my dandy and tubbies!!!!" Then, we went to Wal Mart to return a flapper kit that I bought to fix the toilet. Seemed all I needed was an 88 cent flapper and I bought the super deluxe $5.96 kit. *shrug* I figured more was better. She continued to cry until I said, would you like me to get some cookies while we're here. A swift nod of the head and she was happy as a lark from there on out. We picked up things for Little Bit's birthday party this Sunday. She selected chocolate cake mix for her cupcakes *wiping tear from the corner of my eye* she loves chocolate like her mommy. She was happily eating Dora the Explorer graham crackers as we left. Then, we returned some numbers I bought at Lowe's to put on our shiny new mailbox. Oooh, ahhh. Thanks Army of Dad. We no longer look THAT white trashy with a ruler rigged up to keep our mailbox from falling over. Doofy me, I bought numbers without adhesive on them. So, they went back. Then, we were off to the Dollar General store to buy some generic meds like Nyquil and get some things for goody bags for the kids at the party Sunday. We didn't get goody bags when I was a kid. We were just happy to get to eat cake and drink punch and play pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey or whatever. Kids today have it so good. We wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings if not everyone got a gift. Not that I'm bitter or anything.

But, I do get to go see mostly naked men shake their bon-bons tonight at LaBare tonight with 2 of 5 for her birthday treat. *shrug* It was where she wanted to go and I couldn't deny her that one wish. It would be wrong of me as a friend to deny her hot taut muscular young men. Wouldn't it? I just hope none of them look like a hobbit or I'm in trouble.


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