Army of Mom

So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


The writing on the wall

I wish I was talking figuratively in this situation, but it is literal.


Getting ready to walk out the door to run errands and the sunlight hit a portion of the wall between the front room and the kitchen just the right way for me to see ... what was I seeing? Is that ... no, it can't be. Well, shit. It is.

Orange crayon covering about a square foot of the wall. Lovely work my darling Stinkerbelle, but your masterpiece must go.

Thank God for Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. One of my dear friends told me about it and sent me the link to get one free. I'm glad she did because it has come in handy. Now, there is no more orange crayon on the wall, but it is the cleanest section of wall in the house now. Guess I better go buy some more of these things to clean the rest of the walls.


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