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Hurricane after-effects

Got an email from my mother-in-law this morning and it looks like even though the hurricanes are gone, their memories are still pretty fresh:

This place looks so strange because of this hurricane season. Looking out at the bouganvillea {sp ?} and our guava bush totally stripped of all leaves, flowers, fruits and even bark. The trees are bent toward the house in the backyard [one named 'Frances' and one named 'Jeanne'] pointing toward the tree called 'Floyd' in the front yard. It looks like a NASA/Disney experiment gone mad!

Traveling down A1A you see piles of sand cleared from people's yards and piled up for the garbage truck to take away because it now considered 'hazardous wast.' Closer to the beach all the lawns are still covered with sand, all the power lines bend to the west now. Imagine all your pics off the walls or covered with big black trash bags, plastic boxes holding pictures, mementos, and "whatever you thought was important" while being told by speakers from the police cars to evacuate NOW! It is so very surreal. I'm afraid to unpack everything, yet or even take the canoe and bicycle out of the living room out of fear of forgetting to do something if it happens again and drew can't make it over. At least the stress is lessened even though the house looks messier. "Trying to reason with hurricane season" - I used to like that song when I lived in MN, OH, Penn, now it annoys me. At least the Vikes won (sorry about the Texans) - after the Gators & Twins crashed and burned that win helped me get through a long weekend that included more rain from another tropical storm front! Thank heavens my house is not leaking.


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