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Gross but funny (and true)

You just can't make up the best material. Really.

I was telling Army of Dad today about my wish list for Christmas:
*Lord of the Rings trilogy on DVD - the extended version of the last movie should be available by then and I can return the borrowed, but lingering for a long tie, DVDs to their original owner (Thanks man, I owe you one)
*LOTR Xbox game - on sale for $20 at Target

I'm not much of a video game fan - mostly because I am VERY competitive at everything I do and I suck at video games. Thusly, I don't like to play them and lose. But, the LOTR game looks pretty cool. You can play as a team with another player and pick from nine characters to be. So, we're bantering back and forth about who will be who, who he thinks I wish he'd be, etc.

"I can be Eowyn and you can be Legolas," I say in a geekly excited way.

"Yeah, you want me to be Legolas a little too much," he responds with a wicked grin.

"Only for a few minutes, then that would get old. Go fill your quiver and shoot some orcs."

"Yeah, I got something to fill your quiver ..." he starts to say.

"Nope, Legolas has that vision that goes too far, he'd see all my flaws."

Then, the kicker.

"Red sun rises, blood has been spilled this night."

Ewww .... I start to laugh uncontrollably. I started last night. Now THAT is funny. I continue laughing uncontrollably for a long few minutes as our banter gets even grosser and grosser.


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