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I'm wearing blue!

Courtesy of Reuters news service:

Appearing once again on the late-night TV circuit, Laura Bush had an important message for Teresa Heinz Kerry, the wife of her husband's political foe -- the first lady will be wearing blue when they next meet.

Recalling the big fashion faux pas of last week's presidential debate, when she and Mrs. Kerry both wore white, Mrs. Bush told Jay Leno during her guest spot on NBC's "The Tonight Show" that she and Mrs. Kerry probably have "a lot in common."

"We even chose to wear the same color suits (at last Thursday's debate)," she said. "So now I just want to announce today that I'll be wearing a blue suit Friday night."
She added of Sen. John Kerry's spouse: "I really do feel like we're members of a club. We're the only ones who know how it feels to have a husband running for president in 2004. I'm sure we have a lot to talk about."

Laura Bush's appearance on the Leno show, her third since her husband took office, marked a light-hearted interval in what has become an increasingly heated campaign.

"The Tonight Show" has become a frequent stop for presidential hopefuls and their surrogates eager for the exposure to the program's 6 million nightly viewers.

Asked by Leno about the president's scowling facial expressions during his first debate with Kerry, Mrs. Bush said she had not noticed it too much while watching the event up close as part of the live audience.

"You know I didn't see that. I was on the very front row, and in person that didn't really show up that much," she said. "But I think he said this morning that anyone who listened to his opponent say that many things about him would have to make a face."

Leno quickly joked, "When you don't have botox, you can actually move your face."

I remember thinking when I saw this ... oh no, how embarrassing. Look, AoD, they're talking about wearing the same outfit. It was a pretty funny conclusion to the evening's events.

I'm a little bummed that I'll miss the next argument, er, debate Friday night. We'll either be hunkered down in a sports bar watching the Twins or listening to the game on the radio during our drive.


  • At 2:19 PM, October 07, 2004, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    Yeah, well ... Teresa has more money than God and can afford a personal chef, a personal trainer, etc. Laura hasn't been hurting for money either and I'm sure she watches what she eats, etc.

    I just hate being a slug. So, I need to challenge myself to be more active. Yeah right ... Where is that Dr Pepper and slice of cheesecake? So, I won't wear white suits. Ehh.


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