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Day 1 of the weekend getaway

I'm going to have to take my time to go through our weekend of festivities. We talked about how old we must be getting because we went to bed pretty early every night and woke up early each day.

Friday started off fine and well. I had to go to Fort Worth to pick up the key for the apartment we were borrowing for the weekend. It makes life so nice not to have to pay for lodging. Ran some errands and ran by the Mattel toy outlet. That was good. I picked up a few things for the kids for Christmas. I'm almost done shopping for my children, which is nice and they'll all get things they want!

Army of Dad took off work early and was treated to a massage that I got for him. We then went to pick up our rental car, pack it up and hit the road. We went a round-about route out of town to try and avoid the Texas-OU traffic. It was a good thing, too, because we listened to the traffic accounts on the radio and there was a lot of accidents and congestion on 35 and 75.

We made it to Houston in pretty good time. We stopped at the Hooters in Spring, just north of Houston, and watched the Twins get beat. Not AoD's finest moment. He doesn't drive really well, in my opinion, when he is pissed off. But, we got to our apartment, unloaded and had a good night. It is nice to have the place to ourselves with no children to wander in wanting a drink of water, another kiss goodnight or help scaring off the things in the dark. So, we enjoyed our time alone!


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