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Friday is the day

Woo hoo! It has finally arrived - the day we depart for Houston. Not that Houston is my ideal vacation destination, but in a lurch, it will do. We're broke, so this works. Free lodging at a friend's apartment helps tremendously. We can be frugal, too. We take a cooler full of drinks along with our snacks in the car. We can take sandwiches, too, for the road trip. All of that helps.

Friday night, we plan to hit the road and either make it to our destination and watch the Friday night Twins-Hankees game from a sports bar or the apartment or we'll stop wherever is convenient along the way.

Saturday, we plan to go shooting somewhere. My first time ever to fire a gun. No plans for Saturday night, but I did pack some videos that sport the bow chinky bow wow sounds in the background. *wink* We'll have no kids with us ...

Sunday, we have the Vikings-Texans game.

Then, Monday, back to the harsh reality of home and a soccer game that night. Tuesday, I go to the doctor to find out what we'll do about my ganglion cyst on my right wrist as well as the bone spurs on both of my feet. *sigh* It is also Stinkerbelle's second birthday. We're having her party on the 17th.


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