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Scary stuff

As I get ready to have surgery in a few weeks, I've been thinking more and more about checking out my doctor to make sure that he has no complaints filed against him with the The Texas State Board of Medical Examiners. Then, the local news made a mention in passing about the latest actions of the board.

The site posts summaries of the board actions. At the Aug. 13 meeting a Dr. Stanley Felix Franklin, M.D. of Lewisville got a slap on the wrist for effing up what should have been one of a family's most precious memories.

On the site:On 8-13-04 the board and Dr. Franklin entered into an Agreed Order publicly reprimanding Dr. Franklin, suspending his license, but probating the suspension for five years, requiring 50 hours of CME of which at least 25 hours shall be in the area of high-risk obstetrics, and assessing an administrative penalty of $50,000. The action was based upon allegations that Dr. Franklin failed to properly monitor a baby during the last stages of delivery, improperly used Cytotec to induce labor when contraindications existed, and failed to timely perform a C-section, all of which resulted in an emergency hysterectomy to the mother, and brain damage to the child.

This is the shit that you don't hear about. I was appalled as I read this stuff. There was a pediatric shrink in Arlington who got in trouble for "sexual misconduct" with minors. Good God. This man was preying on already troubled kids. Makes me sick to my stomach.


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