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Adding insult to injury


It is definitely a Monday morning. I woke with Army of Dad this morning at 5 with an awful ache in between my shoulder blades. I laid in bed hoping to get back to sleep. I finally did about 6:20, when I have to wake up no later than 7. Of course, I had a bad dream. So, I woke up and had to gather up the trash and put it out. After a birthday party with a jillion people here, we had plenty of it, too. Fortunately, I have good friends and family and they had cleaned up much of the stuff, so all I had to do was gather it up the various trash bags and put them by the curb. Went to wake up the oldest child and get the youngest out of her crib. Middle child ALWAYS wakes up about 6:15.

Go through our morning routine and arrive at school. I love my children. They want me to walk them to class every day, which I do unless the weather is really bad and I don't want to get the baby out in it. I park and open up the back end of the minivan to get out the stroller (mornings go MUCH quicker if I put Little Bit in the stroller than when I let her walk) and a soccer ball comes flying out. I'm trying to keep it from going in the road, so I lean over to grab it and the tailgate (whatever it is) bops me square in the forehead. Even worse, there is a cop sitting in a car just on the other side of the street and I'm sure if he was looking he saw it and was cracking up. Great.

Back home from school and Stinkerbelle is now breaking into her stash of birthday presents. She got a Leap Frog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set and she loves it. She is in the kitchen playing with it now and trying to sing the alphabet song along with it. Maybe I can get some things done for a few minutes.


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