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Great ad campaign

A new ad campaign for Bush touches the heartstrings and I think it is just the touch he needs to relate to people. This ad plays on his strength of simply being a good person. I remember when this story hit the papers and the Internet.

This girl's mother died in the World Trace Center attack on 9/11 and evidently afterwards, she just shut down and shut everyone out emotionally. That is, until the President came to town. Someone told the President as he was walking by about her and he stopped and turned back and just embraced the girl and she broke down. It was the catalyst she needed to start healing. This is the kind of person he is. He is a father and a husband and he values his family and he is empathetic. He put himself in this child's shoes and understood - as much as one can when you haven't experienced - what she was feeling.

Best part about me posting this story - a friend of mine who is NOT a big Bush supporter sent the story about the ad to me. She called it a "good move" for Bush. I think she is right.


  • At 9:46 AM, October 21, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Man - I was already going to vote for Bush - but this sealed it for me. He is just a genuinely good man! I love Bush - ok, I meant the president you dirty minded people.

  • At 10:34 AM, October 21, 2004, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    Glad to know it influenced someone in a positive way. And, I wasn't thinking dirty till you put it THAT way!


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