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Day 3 of our trip - Vikings vs. Texans

Ok, I guess I better do this before it is two weeks since our trip. Army of Dad and I really enjoyed our Vikings game. Not only did the Vikes win, but Reliant Stadium was lovely. Overall, it was a great experience. It would have been a 100 had we not been accosted at the end of the game by some drunk Mexicans and a redneck. We were going to tailgate, but only season-ticket holders get to park up close to Reliant and the old AstroDome. So, we parked several blocks away and rode the light rail. That was very convenient and nice. We found MANY other Vikings fans, which was fun, too. Getting there early, we were able to watch the Vikings warm up and that was neat. We were right above the entrance for the Vikings, so we were right on top of the field while they warmed up.

He is one big dude in person, too.

Speaking of large men. Hovan was something to see, too. I love the way his shoes are all taped up. Check out the great tattoo on his arm.

Here was the view of Reliant from where we were watching the Vikings warm up. This is from the first row in the end zone. We were up a wee bit higher, but still in the lower section of seats. We couldn't see the jumbo-tron from where we were, but we had TVs right above our seats, which was very cool for replays. Reliant was great. It had great vendors - namebrands like Sam Adams, Shiner and Fat Tire beers, Luther's BBQ, Papa John's, etc. And there were many of them. The game was sold out (even though many seats were empty as the Astros were playing in the playoffs across town) but I never had to wait in line for food or drinks. That was awesome.

This was the view from our seats. This was actually after the game, so I'm skipping around. Sorry.

I liked this shot of Moss waiting his turn during warm-ups. I liked the Texans logo in the shot. He was amazing to see in person, too. Lots of grace to be such a punk. He, Kelly Carter and Culpepper were dancing at the end of warm-ups. Very funny stuff.

Moss makes a catch during warm-ups.

I love to watch athletes stretch. My faves to watch are hockey players, but that is a whole other blog entry. How do I get this guy's job?

Here we are before the game watching the Vikings warm up. Randy Moss ran out on the field right before this picture. And, yes, AoD is wearing a Chris Carter jersey.

Here the Vikings are dancing at the end of the pre-game ... hard to capture in still photography.

On our way up to the stadium. That is the AstroDme behind us. Reliant is behind it. That is a temporary tattoo on my cheek. AoD had one on the back of his head.

Coach Tice talks with the media before the game. He's a giant dude, too.

This is Mike and Teri. We met them in the parking lot. They're Houston natives.

This was the view of the game from our seats. It was awesome.

We had a great time. The only bad part was toward the end of the game when some asshole started yelling at Army of Dad. Once he started, then the mob mentality kicked in and others joined him. The worst part was that we were minding our own business. We were just standing there (we were in the last row of the seats where wheelchair seating is) and they were standing behind the guardrails being jerks. Finally, when they started yelling obscenities at us, we started fighting back. They tried to get an usher to make us sit down, that didn't work. Then, they asked security to check our tickets. We were where we belonged, so that didn't work either for them. Some dumbass redneck ran up behind us and rattled our seats up and down and then ran away when we turned around to see what was going on. I called him a pussy. I really hope that was emasculating to him, too. I mean, come on. You run up and screw with our seats when our backs are turned and then run away? Is that really tough and I didn't know it? Gees. It was irritating, but it only lasted about 20 minutes or so because they didn't start this until the last five minutes of the regular game and as soon as the Vikings won in overtime, these assholes all left. Big surprise. They really didn't want to mess with AoD (or me for that matter). I was pleased that AoD didn't kill them, but I think he was too excited about seeing the Vikings play and win to get kicked out for beating the snot out of some sawed off Mexicans. We did decide that the Texans are now our second favorite team. We loved it. The fans - overall - were awesome. The stadium was fabulous and we had a great time.


  • At 8:29 PM, October 18, 2004, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    See, the thing is and don't tell my mom this because she'd die, but I love Mexicans. Our oldest son's soccer team is made up of more than half Mexicans and I love these parents. They're great. The problem at this game is that they were drunk and just so happened to be Mexican, too. Was just funny to see these little 5-foot-nothing guys picking on the 5-10 bald man. He looks scary to me, but maybe that is because I know him and have seen him mad - usually at me.


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