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Lunar eclipse

I hope the moon-bats don't go nutty tonight, although I'm sure they will say that it is a Bush lie that there was a lunar eclipse, but he kept it cloudy so only the rich who live on cloud-free hilltops can see the eclipse.

I'm taking the oldest boy out at 8:14 tonight to see if the clouds clear and we can see the lunar eclipse. Wish me luck and cloudless skies.

LabKat is hoping to see it, too, and mentioned it in her blog today.

A lunar eclipse occurs as the moon - in its orbit around earth - moves across the earth's shadow.

USA Today explains this is how a lunar eclipse works. This shadow is divided into two sections, both of which take on a cone-like shape. The outer ring of the earth's shadow called the Penumbra does contain some light, but it's a very small amount. The inner cone is known as the Umbra and is completely dark. During the Eclipse, the moon will appear to be a mix of red, brown and orange, but will not actually turn completely dark. Although no sunlight will be directly shining on the surface of the moon, some light will be refracted toward it by the Earth.


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