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Lots of bad news today

My oldest is home sick with an upset stomach.

Just heard on the news that Elizabeth Edwards, wife of John Edwards, found out yesterday that she has breast cancer. I can't imagine a crappier day for this woman. Her hubby is out of job come January and she will be enduring this. No matter what a person's politics, that is awful. She will be in my prayers.

Army of Dad called me and warned me that his company may be on the news at noon and proceeds to tell me about a coworker injured in an accident as a result of a bank robbery in the vicinity of his work. Cops were chasing the armed robbers when his coworker's car was struck. I think he was taken to the hospital. I watched the news at noon and it looked like his work and nearby where they were searching for these heavily armed bad guys. My adrenaline is pumping as I'm sure AoD's is. I certainly hope he got his pistol out of the car and has it on his person in case these guys wind up at his company. God, I hate this. This is one reason why I wasn't more upset when he wasn't a cop any more. I'd have high blood pressure.


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