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Pain in the neck

Literally, I'm having a pain in the neck. Not sure what the deal is, but I guess I slept funny because of the cast and the cold. I woke up almost in tears. I couldn't move my neck to the left at all and couldn't raise my good arm above the shoulder. Gees. It is always something.

For the virtual pain in the neck, blogger wouldn't let me on this morning. I wish I were more technical so I could fire their asses and move my blog elsewhere. I may ask LabKat to help me with that.

Update on Army of Dad's coworker. He was in ICU last night and is hopefully going to get out of the hospital today. After the carjacking bank robber's car hit his car, a cop (I guess the one chasing the robber) check on AoD's coworker - asked him if he was ok and then told him to lay flat on the ground. The next thing the coworker heard was gunfire. Wow. How about that kind of excitement when all you wanted to do was go pick up a sick kid from school!

Now, I'm watching my birthday present - Shrek 2 DVD. I'm watching the special features. I love DVDs for this stuff. I can't wait for Harry Potter to come out later this month.

I am going on my birthday date tonight while the kids go to Friday Night Live at the local Baptist church were Stinkerbelle goes to preschool. Should be fun for them and good for us. I wanted to go see The Village, but the times won't work for our plans, so now I have to find something else to do. I suppose I'll manage.


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