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9 to 5

Well, it is official. I'll be back in the workforce officially on Jan. 24. I will be a part of the Capital Development Program team at DFW Airport.

DFW Airport covers more than 29.8 square miles; real property consists of 18,076 acres. DFW Airport is the second-largest airport in the United States in terms of land mass and third-largest in the world.

I will be the tour coordinator and project writer for the CDP ... DFW Airport has invested $2.7 billion in its five-year Capital Development Program (CDP), which includes a two million-square foot international terminal with an integrated Grand Hyatt Hotel and the world's largest airport high-speed train, Skylink. Airfield, roadway and support projects to help maintain the entire Airport infrastructure make up the rest of the program. The CDP is expected to generate an estimated $34 billion impact on the North Texas economy and create 77,000 new jobs during the next 15 years. DFW’s investment in the CDP will allow the Airport to capitalize on the projected growth in U.S. air travel, which is expected to increase from its current level of 650 million enplanements to almost one billion enplanements by the year 2009. International air travel is projected to reach almost 250 million enplanements by the year 2010.

Little pieces of DFW Airport trivia:
DFW is the world’s only airport with three FAA control towers

In 1972, the world’s largest paving contract was issued for the construction of DFW’s initial runways - 3 million yards of concrete

At the time DFW was built, it was the largest and costliest airport in the world: $700 million spent and 17,500 acres – bigger than the island of Manhattan

The first U.S. landing by a supersonic Concorde was at DFW

DFW was the first U.S. airport to offer an automated foreign currency exchange machine

The NASA Space Shuttle Atlantis and its Boeing 747 transport jet landed on May 15, 1989, making DFW the first commercial airport to host a space shuttle landing


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