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Fun day and evening

I had a great day, I must say.

I did nothing productive, but that's good. Ok, I take that back, I did wash the dishes this morning first thing. THAT was productive. Army of Dad and I made breakfast. We like to cook together when we can. It is something we do and enjoy with one another.

I just lounged around the house and played with the kids. During the Colts beat-down, I took about a two-hour nap. I was so tired, I just conked out in the middle of the office/den floor while Army of Dad watched football and Hot Rod jumped over me occasionally. I would wake from time to time to fuss at him for something he did and ask AoD about something going on in the football game.

It was amazing that my foot NEVER hurt all day because I wasn't overdoing it like I usually do.

This evening, I met my very best friend from my childhood to go see Journey Into Amazing Caves at the Omni Theater at the museum in Fort Worth. I love using my Christmas gift from my mom. That museum membership is going to be the gift that keeps on giving! Then, 1 of 5 treated me to dinner at Red, Hot and Blue. They make the best barbecue. I have never had a bad meal there.

Only about 35 hours till I get my cast off and I can't wait. I peeked in the top of the cast today and saw my hairy leg. I guess that means I have good circulation in there, but ewww, it is nasty.

I should find out tomorrow if I got the job at the airport. It sure would be nice to have the money. Say some prayers for me that I can find a high-quality day-care provider for Stinkerbelle. Right now, it isn't looking promising as all the daycares recommended to me are filled with waiting lists. I have some more to call, too.


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