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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Why bother?

With the skirt, that is. Why even put one on if it is going to hang so low that she might as well not even be wearing it?

My favorite quote from the Louisiana gal: "Living in a small town can make it so easy to just follow the mold and go along with how everyone else does things," she wrote. "But my mom managed to set her own course and not get corrupted into doing things like all the other women."

What the hell were the other moms doing? Pimping their daughters out as prostitutes? She put the child into show business and had the girl 'showing her business' in videos by the time the child was in her teen years. What could those Louisiana PTA moms POSSIBLY have been up to? Maybe they're like that show, Desperate Housewives.


  • At 8:41 PM, January 08, 2005, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    I just looked at that picture a little more closely. Does she only have one strap on her panties? It looks like there is no strap on the one side ... or maybe she looks like she just had a quickie in the car and didn't finish getting dressed. And the cigarette is really nasty. How does a girl in shape like that work out like she must and smoke?


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