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Car woes

*insert long sigh here*

We put aside money from Army of Dad's year-end bonus to get my car worked on. It needed quite a bit of work, as does AoD's car, just for maintenance and to keep it from breaking down. Well, we made an appointment for my minivan to go into the shop today with about $300+ in work to be done on it. We went out to dinner last night and his car was making this putting sound and lurching along the road. About the time we felt it really getting out of whack, then the 'service engine light' came on and stayed on. We grabbed some coffee and called it an early night. AoD came home and his car was out of oil and he isn't even due for his oil change quite yet. So, he got up early this morning and took his car in, too. His car needs the same work as mine. The mechanic doesn't think he can do both of our cars today.



  • At 11:22 PM, January 09, 2005, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    We did get both of our cars done on Saturday. Only cost us $668.


    *shaking my head*

    Good thing I bought groceries and diapers before we got the cars fixed. Counting the days till AoD's next payday.


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