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News flash: Oliver Stone hits the pipe

I'm simply flabbergasted by this.

Oliver Stone is disappointed "in the critical reaction to his historical epic "Alexander" and put the blame on the fundamentalist morality in some parts of the United States."

The movie just sucked. Plain and simple. It was way too fucking long and too boring in between the big bloody battle scenes. The homo-erotic stuff was MY favorite party. Kept me on the edge of my seat just hoping that Colin and Jared were going to get at it. I was disappointed that they never did it. They have to show Colin Farrell banging some little she-male. I would have much rather seen him lock lips or hump cute little Jared Leto.

The movie dragged and lagged. Face it Ollie, you can blame the righties all you want to. The movie just sucked. Stop hitting the pipe.


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