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NFL rocks, MLB sucks

It is hard for me to write this post because I am one of the biggest baseball fans on the face of the planet, but I have to say it. Major League Baseball sucks. They need a salary cap like the National Football League.

Think about it. You never know if a team in the NFL will be good that year or not because there is some parity there. Yeah, some teams may have a superstar or several, but the dynasties are fewer than the MLB.

I mean, come on. Who is going to win the World Series every year? There are only a few teams that you know are going to be good - the Yankees, the Red Sox, the Braves. There may be some others, but it is because of pure raw talent and love of the game that makes teams like the Twins good. Makes me so frustrated. Add to that the rising costs of going to see a baseball game and it is beyond my grasp. We can't afford to take our family to a baseball game. There is one very small section of $5 cheap seats at Ameriquest Field (formerly the cleverly named Ballpark at Arlington). Those seats tend to sell out. It costs about $10 to park if you use the Rangers parking. We pay $5 to park and walk. Most of the tickets cost $20 and up. The food and drinks are outrageous. *sigh* Just breaks my heart.

What precipitated this rant is seeing that Randy Johnson signing an extension with the Yankee-my-wankees.

I could go on and on, but my mom is on the phone and telling me about the same things she has told me 15 times. *rolling my eyes*


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