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Happy Birthday Elvis

I knew it was Elvis' birthday this morning when I saw the date. I was singing an Elvis song on the radio and told Pickle who it was and how much I liked him and I was surprised when he told me that it was Elvis' birthday. That is definitely MY boy!

Was flipping stations during the Chargers-Jets game tonight and ran across G.I. Blues and noticed that Elvis is wearing a 3rd Armored Division patch in the movie, but he was actually in the 2nd Armored Division while he was stationed at Fort Hood. That was Army of Dad's first division before it was disbanded and he moved into the Fourth Infantry Division. I run across 2nd Armored patches around the house from time to time. He was already 4ID when I arrived in Fort Hood. Was sort of cool knowing that Elvis had been at Fort Hood.

I love Elvis. I saw him in concert once in Fort Worth when I was a little kid. It was really, really cool. I remember pretending that Elvis was my husband when my little friends and I would play house. One friend used to pick Dan Tanna and I got Elvis. What a combination we were. I was so sad that August in 1977 when he died. I remember that moment distinctly. My mom and I were pulling into my Granny's driveway when I heard the news of Elvis' death on the radio. I think mom and I both cried a little bit. One of my friend's moms was SOOO into Elvis, that I think we took some meals to her house that night.

Happy birthday Elvis.


  • At 11:06 AM, January 09, 2005, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    My mother was a GIANT Elvis fan and I grew up watching all of his movies on TV and listening to his music on - all you young folks won't remember these things - 8-track tapes and 33 rpm record albums!

  • At 11:20 PM, January 09, 2005, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    Funny that the women of that generation took it so hard. I don't think there is any one celebrity that might do that to women of our generation, is there?

    No icon that just symbolizes sex to all of us. Maybe Tom Selleck? I dunno.


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