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Welcome to Army of Mom blogroll

I thought I might welcome the latest additions to the blog list. I highly recommend going to see these:

Mama Ellen is new to the list. She has a brand spanking new blog. She is the better half of Doug at Bogus Gold. She, too, is the mom of three little hellions. She, unlike me, cooks really good food. Me, I'm a Southern cook. If there isn't some grease or gravy involved, it must be Mexican food tonight.

Another family kind of guy. Three Bed, Two Bath actually lives about 20 miles from my sister-in-law in Indiana.

Kin's Kouch is just plain funny. He likes strippers, too, if comments on his blog are accurate. You can find links to a little T&A here occasionally, but he's a family kind of guy, too.

Very Mom is one of the Best of the Blogs award nominees in the mommy category and by far the best of all of them. Go vote for her.

Addition ... One more to add: Baggage and Blathering. Another mom blog that reminds me a bit of, well, me.


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