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AoM, LabKat sandwich

While looking up my TTLB Ecosystem standings, I saw that LabKat is creeping up dangerously close behind me. I can feel her hot breath on my neck and her telling me, AGAIN, that I have great boobs. Yes, I know this, but you drive a better car than me, so we're even. If you didn't have that car, you, too, could have National Geographic boobies.

But, I digress.

Where I was going with this was that I found two blogs sandwiched in between me and LabKat. While many men (and some women for that matter) would give their right arm to be between us at some point, this tidy little blog gave me great laughs.

Hole Card is a hoot. I especially liked his SpongeBob Leatherpants post. One of my friends suggested I blog about it, but he has a great rant on it.

And, wow, the other person sandwiched between us is another non-liberal blog. Something and half of something is a chick's blog with some good reading to it. She's from Brooklyn and I get the impression that she takes shit from no one. I'm guessing many men would pay big bucks to see LabKat and I sandwiched with this gal. Her pic shows her to be fairly attractive.

Go give them a read. I'm probably going to knock myself down in the TTLB standings, but hey, what can I say?


  • At 8:05 AM, January 22, 2005, Blogger Linda Sue O'Grady said…

    Hmmm... National Geographic Boobies? Now there's a happy thought!

    Liberal I can handle, as long as you are not a "progressive democrat" all things are possible.

    Thanks for visiting my little corner of the internet, I enjoyed yours!

    See you in the Ecosystem...

  • At 11:18 AM, January 22, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What, no trolls trying to bust your chops for objectifying women or some other shit?

    Army of Dad

  • At 10:26 AM, January 23, 2005, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    Only vaguely? I'm hurt.


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