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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Caption ideas?

The real caption:
Miss World Maria Julia Mantilla of Peru (R) poses with President Alejandro Toledo during a ceremony at the government palace in Lima, Dec. 18. Toledo met Mantilla to congratulate her for her victory in the Miss World 2004 contest in China's tropical Hainan Island on Dec. 4.

First off, do they REALLY have to tell you that Miss World is on the right? I mean, would you mistake the little Peruvian DUDE to be Miss World? That part made me laugh initially. Then, I looked at his hand. What exactly is that all about?

My first thought at a caption:
See the palm of my hand? How would you like me to smack you on the ass with it? Yeah, baby. You like it like that? Who's your commander in chief? Do you have a blue dress?


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