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So far, so good

Well, it is about halfway through my first day and I'm managing ok. I called Stinkerbelle's daycare to check on her and they said she is a peach. One small setback, though. They don't use sippy cups there and she spilled her little Dixie cup of milk at lunch. Evidently that freaked her out and she wouldn't eat after that. She licked her fruit, the teacher said. That's my girl. Crying over spilled milk. :) The teacher said she only wished all first-day children were that happy. So, I'm glad to hear that she is doing well. I thought she would. Definitely harder on mom than baby.

The boys weren't thrilled with getting to school early, but it wasn't too bad. I was admonished by a monitor for dropping them off in the wrong place, but I wanted to make sure they made it to the cafeteria and didn't have to wait for 20 minutes in the vestibule till school started. I'll have to call the office and work things out there, so they can get in the building before the bell rings.

Back to work. Got my first writing project. Would like to get started on the rest, but I have to wait for some executives to spare some time for me.

Oh, and one more grody thing - the women here evidently don't shave their nether regions because every time I've gone to the ladies room, there are some little Clarence Thomas surprises for me on the toilet seats. I may learn to hold it throughout the day. *shuddering*


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