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Sunday Hodge-Podge

Ok, my hodge podge changed days. I'm a chick, I'm entitled to change my mind.

First off, Right Thinking Girl has a post about the Flight 93 site in Pennsylvania. She traveled there and posted some of the photos she took of the site. The one that really broke my heart was a little memorial, with pictures, of a mom who died in the crash. Just ripped my heart out.

Gadfly was bored last night and came over to hang out for a while. We had made baked potato soup - which is EVER so tasty - but he is doing the Atkins thing and had to decline. So, I popped some deli ham and provolone in the toaster oven for him to have a tasty little snack. I admire him for tackling the weight issues. He's lost about 100 pounds in the past year. I wish I had that kind of self-restraint when it comes to food. I plan to work on it once I start the new job. In addition to be a writer, I'll be a tour coordinator for a construction project, so I'll be doing LOTS and lots of walking. That will help, plus giving up sodas and cookies for Lent. After a few weeks, I won't miss them and hopefully I won't slip back into the soda habit again after Easter. But I digress. Was nice to have Gadfly over. Been a while since we hung out. I think we made him appreciate his bachelor life as my children were a bit whiney because we let them stay up late. Army of Dad crashed about halfway through the Falcons-Rams game. He was pretty tired.

How about those play-off games? They've been great. The Jets-Steelers game was exciting, but I felt really bad for the Jets kicker.

Vikings game today. Hot Rod won't wear anything but a Vikings shirt these days. He has four of them. So, I'm doing laundry frequently so he has one to wear every day. He was a sweatshirt, a Randy Moss jersey, a Chris Carter jersey and just a nice long sleeve purple shirt with the Vikings logo on the chest. *shaking my head* He also informed me at his field trip last week that I'm not allowed to kiss him in front of his friends. He is only 5.

Go Vikings! Peace in my household is lying in your collective hands.

And, I guess I'm a little more concerned about the breast ultrasound than I realized, I guess. I had a dream last night that the tumor had grown three times the size it was last August and the surgeon was going to have to remove it. That was traumatic enough in my dream, but then she tells me that insurance wasn't going to pay for reconstructive surgery. That was scary. Maybe I should say this was a nightmare instead of a dream.

Lazy day ahead. I plan to do nothing constructive other than helping Army of Dad make a GIANT batch of spaghetti sauce. For Christmas, he got a stock pot, so we're going to put it to good use. We'll make lots of sauce to freeze for those nights when we're running late and have soccer or karate or something and we need a quick meal. We're also going to freeze some batches for lasagna and for LabKat's bachelorette party. I'm making spaghetti for our pre-night out events. Should be a nice time for the girls to just sit around and giggle while enjoying Army of Dad's awesome spaghetti sauce. He really is a good cook. If chefs didn't have such busy schedules that keep them from home in the evenings and on weekends, I think he'd probably have been a chef instead.

Tonight, Hot Rod is going to a birthday party at a gymnastics place. My mom is going to keep Stinkerbelle over night. Pickle is with his dad till Tuesday. So, we'll have some one-on-one time with Hot Rod and mom. Should be nice. However, Stinkerbelle will be entirely TOO spoiled after a trip to my mom's.


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