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Things I like

While waiting at the hospital for my boobie ultrasound today, I started thinking of all the things in life that I like. Being a writer, you can guess what I did next: I wrote them down.

Random things I like
1. Del Amitri's song "Roll to me"
2. designated hitters
3. the peace I feel when I pray
4. overtime in NFL playoff games
5. men in uniform
6. PKs in soccer
7. breasts
8. men opening the door for me
9. good manners - please, thank you, excuse me, God bless you
10. editors who tell me I've done a good job
11. the feeling when I've paid all the bills and have money left over
12. when Army of Dad says "I love you"
13. when Army of Dad touches my face
14. when the children tell me "you're the best mom!"
15. having a good education
16. seeing my children reading
17. ice cold Dr Peppers
18. rat terriers
19. Nolan Ryan
20. having time to read
21. having a good book to read during that time
22. gift giving
23. Jack FM 100.3
24. a good haircut and dye job
25. having a multitude of good friends
26. bellinis from Olive Garden
27. a clean house
28. working in the garden
29. hummingbirds
30. babies
31. going to the movies
32. cheese enchiladas
33. old U2
34. having a fire burning in the fireplace
35. penguins
36. when I look at other people's kids and realize mine are pretty well behaved
37. being healthy
38. good sex
39. throwing a good party
40. my family (ok, most of them)
41. seeing my byline in print
42. Christmas carols
43. muscle cars
44. sewing baby blankets by hand
45. a content Army of Dad
46. MXE
47. JK Rowling's world of Harry Potter
48. buttery nipple shots
49. Star Trek
50. surfing the net
51. Crash by the Dave Matthews Band
52. Law and Order
53. chocolate covered almonds
54. raw peanuts
55. Calvin and Hobbs comic strip
56. CSI
57. strong shoulders and muscular biceps
58. Latino men
59. minor league hockey
60. Sex on the Beach drinks
61. cheese ravioli
62. chips and queso
63. I'm not really a waitress nail polish on my toes
64. soaking in a hot bath
65. hot rock massages
66. men with shaved heads
67. Chick Fil A sandwiches and waffle fries
68. Lord of the Rings books and movies
69. going to the museum with my family
70. pictures
71. hearing my children laugh
72. the Shoe comic strip
73. lounging by the pool without having to watch children
74. road trips with Army of Dad
75. Cocoa Beach, Florida

Things I'm embarrassed to admit that I like
1. tribal tattoos around a guy's bicep
2. tractor pulls
3. Hall and Oates
4. oldies music
5. talk radio
6. Toxic by Britney Spears
7. minivans
8. Justin Timberlake
10. South Park
11. American Chopper
12. Ricky Martin
13. Ellen DeGeneres show
14. shopping at Dollar General
15. Hi and Lois comic strip
16. Barry Manilow
17. the tattoos hoochie girls get on the small of their backs
18. eating at Hooter's
19. The Cowboys
20. The Rangers
21. Tejano music
22. Redneck Woman by Gretchen Wilson
23. country music, overall
24. dirt track races
25. the taste of beer on Army of Dad's breath


  • At 9:58 AM, January 16, 2005, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    Bane, you're right. Your blog is one of my guilty pleasures.

    And, *doing a little curtsy* thanks Kin.

  • At 11:21 AM, January 16, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Too fun. We have many of the same likes, being women and all, not terribly suprising I guess! Vox is the chick drink drinker in our family and the one he orders the most often is Sex on the Beach, but he's very picky and it has to be made the right way which is with Chambourd.

    I would say don't worry, your sonogram will be fine, but it won't stop you from worrying anyway. Hang in there you'll get the results before you know it and will be able to put it all behind you.


  • At 3:30 PM, January 16, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Bane, it disturbs me that you would know what that tastes like. If you are drinking a SotB with cream in it it is NOT the way they are supposed to be made.


  • At 4:32 AM, January 17, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Bane, not sure what's wrong with you exactly, but you might want to get that checked out. But a sex on the beach should contain vodka, chambourd, pineapple juice (some like to add peach schnapps or worse yet put cream in it - these are an abomination and should not be consumed!)



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