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Meeting my expectations

Ahh, it is nice to see that the countries impacted by the deadly tsunami on Dec. 26 are meeting my expectations.

On Wednesday, Indonesian officials made orders for aid relief workers to be out by the end of March and ordered journalists and aid workers, alike, to declare their status or leave. Sometimes I hate being right. They are biting the hand that feeds them.

I love this little tidbit:
The Indonesian government has traditionally barred foreigners from visiting Aceh, relenting after the tsunami struck and no other option existed but to invite foreign troops to deliver aid and set up field hospitals.

What do they consider the infidels who vacation on their shores? Are they not foreigners visiting Aceh or surrounding areas?

According to the Associated Press story:
Indonesian officials have made a series of security demands that require U.S. and other foreign troops providing relief to leave the country by the end of March. The latest restrictions placed on the international presence came as the aircraft carrier leading the U.S. military's tsunami relief effort steamed out of Indonesian waters Wednesday after the government declined to let the ship's fighter pilots use its airspace for training missions. The USS Abraham Lincoln's diversion was not expected to affect aid flights, however.
U.S. Marines have also scaled back their plans to send hundreds of troops ashore to build roads and clear rubble. The two sides reached a compromise in which the Americans agreed not to set up a base camp on Indonesia or carry weapons.

Oh, that is good. Let's send our troops over there to help rebuild their roads so they can see some progress, but lets not let them be armed when we send them into hostile territory where rebels have been battling the government for years. That is a great idea. *please note my sarcasm*

And, lets not forget the other countries who also smacked down the outreached hand of America:
After the earthquake and tsunami, the U.S. military dispatched the Abraham Lincoln battle group to Sumatra and three ships carrying Marines toward Sri Lanka, where more than 30,000 people were killed. But two ships carrying Marines were diverted to Sumatra after Sri Lanka downgraded its request for help. India, where more than 10,000 were killed, rebuffed U.S. aid offers.

This is why I haven't felt compelled to give my money to tsunami aid programs. I don't know that it will get to those people who need it the most because their governments won't let it reach them. I think that is unfortunate because, as was aptly pointed out to me, little Vishnu and his family of four don't really give a shit who is helping them as long as his children are fed, clothed and healthy. I think it is sad that their governments are being so assinine. However, let the record reflect, I am not surprised.

Just as an aside, Girl Scout cookie orders have started AND most troops are doing a special project in which they will send cookies to the troops overseas if you want to buy a few boxes with that designation. I think that is where my money is going to go - to support a charitable American organization AND treat the troops to some Thin Mints.


  • At 3:43 PM, January 13, 2005, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    I just can't imagine turning down help when they are incapable of helping themselves. It might be different if they were able to handle the situation, but they're not.

    And, I've tried to get on with FW Weekly and the Observer a few times and they shoot me down every time I try. *shrug*


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