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Field trip

Tuesday, I went to help Hot Rod with his kindergarten field trip at UNT's Elm Fork Education Center. It is really hard to chase three rambunctious little boys when wearing a boot thing on your foot. And, for some reason, they aren't real sympathetic to the concept of slowing down. I had Hot Rod and two other boys from his class in my group.
Here is my budding scientist with his journal documenting what he thought about the planetarium's take on Mars.

Here he is digging for make-believe mammoth bones.

And, lastly, my group of hellions with some armadillo scluptures outside the EESAT building at UNT. What is it with 5-year-old boys and those goofy grins?

Fun was had by all and they learned a little science along the way, too.


  • At 11:30 PM, January 12, 2005, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    I think goofy grins are a prerequisite for little boys.

    Scientist: So, you say you're turning 5 young Hot Rod?
    Child: Yeah, I dink so.
    Scientist: Do you know how to make the goofy grin?
    Child: *demonstrating his best Calvin and Hobbes face*
    Scientist: Why, yes, yes, you have it mastered young man. Go forth and be 5. Make sure you do some dumbass moves and yell "Look what I can do!" to everyone in ear shot.


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