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How do men do this?


How do you deal with having hair all over your body? It has been one day short of three weeks since I had my surgery and have been unable to shave my right leg from just below the knee and down. Well, the past four or five days, the hairs have been getting caught in that jersey stuff inside cast and pulling a bit. It fucking hurts like someone is tweezing the hair on your legs.

I got this boot thing today that looks like a ski boot and the damn hairs - I could see how nasty they were then - kept doing the same thing. I went to UNT for a field trip with a class full of kindergarteners and had to refrain from cursing when the hairs kept getting stuck with every step.

I couldn't stand it and finally just went in the bathroom and shaved my leg, rubbed some Bath and Body Works body cream on it and now I feel human again. Ok, as human as I can while walking around with a ski boot-looking thing on my leg. Still, it is better than before.

I still can't soak in the tub for another week because the skin healed over two of the six stitches, so the nurse had to cut through my skin to remove the stitches. So, the doctor had her put those little tapey steristrip things on there. So, I'll be showering for a week. That is the only time (other than sleeping or propping to watch TV) that I can be on my feet without the boot, doctor's orders. I return on Feb. 1 for another check. Hopefully at that point, I'll be back in regular shoes.


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