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I woke up with a Benadryl hangover this morning. I was having some weirdo reaction last night to the brace boot thing on my foot. I had a big red oblong knot on my right calf. Army of Dad thinks there is something on the inside of the boot that irritated my leg and caused the reaction. So, now, my fashion statement is furthered by wearing one of AoD's tube socks under the boot. Between the Benadryl and the sock, it doesn't seem to be itching any more. After a night's sleep without the boot on (and probably combined with the Benadryl) there is no red feverish knot on my leg any more. That is good.

But, now I'm moving in slow motion from the drugs. We both had long days yesterday. I forgot to make banana bread for the PTA to give to the teachers. But, I can do that this morning and drop it off in a little while.

I just really feel hungover - complete with the headache at the front of my head. Ugh. Off to make banana bread and brush Stinkerbelle's hair. She hates that. All those little curls get tangled when she sleeps.


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