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So this is how liberty dies ... with thunderous applause.


Get him!

Army of Dad's work has been keeping him terribly busy. He works lots of overtime, going to work before the kids wake up and not returning home until after they've gone to bed. So, there are moments when he comes in that the kids think its time to jump on daddy. Tuesday evening was one of those nights. He came in and bent down to kiss Little Bit when Hot Rod tackled him. Pickle thought it was a good idea to get in on the act, too. And, Little Bit is not one to be left out. I think she is very brave to get into that melee. I try to avoid it at all costs.

Funny how I don't notice things that are out of place until I look closely at the picture. The kids like to drag out every blanket in our home to put on the floor in the front room. Army of Dad's comforter is there in the back. There is a Mickey Mouse DVD box in the floor. Little Bit likes to stick a leg in DVD or VHS boxes for some reason and walk around like a peg-legged pirate. We try to discourage this for many reasons. There are pieces of Mr. Potato Head from the farm-set behind AoD's right arm there and the Barbie mobile veterinarian mini-van is in the back by the couch. Of course, we have no Barbie veterinarian, but being 2, Little Bit cares not. She uses a Florida Gators cheerleader barbie-knockoff that she got for Christmas. She has removed the pom-pons and Sunny, as I named her, has quite the way with driving the van and working on the pup that came with it.

I'd like to get in a similar position with Army of Dad as he is in this picture, but our damn schedules just haven't allowed it for a few days. Ok, we could have had time last night, but I was getting "coached" on my parenting skills, so that just made me pissy. Tonight, AoD was as crabby as I was when he got home and I, fortunately, had to go to a meeting at the airport. So, I was able to avoid that and the kids, too. Maybe this whole working full-time gig won't be so bad. It won't be forever and I can have some adult conversations and time to myself - if commuting counts and I think it does. *whistling zippeedy do dah*


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