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My boot

I feel like such the fashion plate. It will be all the rage when I no longer need it. Kids will think it is hip and cool to wear. It will come in hot pink, orange and there will be a version with flames painted on it. Oooh, I want one with flames painted on it. Or maybe the flower-cloud-thingees from Spongebog's world in Bikini Bottom.

Totally unrelated picture. Here is me at Krispy Kreme in Houston on Oct. 10. I had never EVER been inside a real live Krispy Kreme shop. I'd only ever had them from the Hajimart. *shrug* I actually like them better when they're not hot. However, it was fun to see how they were made. Army of Dad was shaking his head at me because I was so excited to watch their creation. Although it made me a little sad at how they discarded perfectly good donuts simply because they were retarded looking. I'm surprised the ACLU hasn't filed a suit for discrimination against misshapened doughnuts. They deserve to be eaten, too.

Ok, here is a pic of me holding my boot out this evening. That green thing at the tip end is my $20 insert from the medical supply store. At least the main part of this damn thing is black and goes with everything. It actually makes my foot feel so much better than when it is out of there. Except for the flakey skin from being so dry inside a cast for three weeks. The smell is gone, too. That is good. My foot doesn't hurt, if you can believe that. Maybe I should take a picture of the bottom side for all to see. Pretty gross. So, of course, I think it is cool. It will make a great scar. The doctor was telling me about some high dollar scar cream that I could rub on it. Peeshaw. Scars add character. I must have lots of character now. I have a collection on my face, my scalp, my chin, my wrist, my abdomen, my belly button, my elbow, my hand, my arms ... oh yeah, and now the bottom of my right foot. Cool.

Bet you wish you had one, too. Wonder what this little baby will cost? I should be getting the bill in the mail soon. If my arm brace thing was $52 and it wasn't near this elaborate, what do you think? $125 is my guess.


  • At 3:40 PM, January 13, 2005, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    Ah, sounds like a lovely visual. I can empathize with that. Thankfully, we don't get ice and snow down here. Just an occasional cold north wind. I will look stunning, however, when I start work next week with a boot on one foot and dress shoe on the other.

    Now, the rain and my cast last week combined for a lovely little challenge. I walked around much of the time with an attractive yellow garage bag tied around one leg.

  • At 4:38 PM, January 13, 2005, Blogger Army of Mom said…

    Just got the bill in the mail today - only $30 before insurance pays them. Yippee! I figured this would be, figuratively speaking, an arm and a leg. Hee hee.


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