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Women who fake it

No, not THAT.

Women (and some guys) who need to fake their football knowledge can use these tips to survive the Super Bowl.

The story says: As much as we would love to believe that everyone shares our passion and hunger for football knowledge, we realize that some folks simply want enough ammunition to survive the big game without total humiliation. So here are a few tips on how to look the part and talk the talk as you head to your Super Bowl bash.

I don't fake it. I know alot about football, in general, but don't even bother trying to fake others out on understanding screens, fades, when certain calls are made for what, etc. I just enjoy the game.

A summary of the tips:
Dress the part - jeans, sneakers and something footballish like a hat or jersey
Bring snacks - nothing frou frou, though
Learn some football jargon - they suggest butterfingers or choker. AoD uses much more colorful language that questions the players' sexuality or upbringing, usually

I still say the Pats are going to kick some Eagle tailfeathers!


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