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Feeling pretty good

It is pretty cool to feel good about myself. My children are doing well and staying healthy despite all the germs in our home. I think those flu shots must have been beneficial for them.

But, that isn't what I'm talking about. Right now, I'm feeling pretty damn good about me. I'm doing public affairs support for the largest construction project in the state right - a $2.7 billion project. There are four of us on the communications team. That is pretty significant. Also, I've been asked back to write the text for the chamber of commerce's annual publications for the nation's 20th largest city. That is pretty damned impressive if I may say so myself. It just sort of dawned on me today that I must REALLY be pretty good at this whole writing thing for people to want me back on their projects. The airport job is the result of a former boss asking me to come to work for him. He and I were talking yesterday and I was updating him on the status of my projects and where I was at in accomplishing them.

Boss: I'm sorry for not being able to sit down with you more and really work on this with you.
Me: *shrug* But, this is why you hired me, isn't it? So you didn't have to babysit me?
Boss: Yeah. I was telling the EVP (that's lingo for executive vice president, i.e. big wig) that was the very reason I wanted you on this project. I could tell you what I needed and let you loose.
Me: yeah, I like that, too.

It is pretty cool to have my work respected enough that this same boss has rehired me now for the third time. He's handed me off on a very large project and given me lots of wiggle room to do it as I please and he has the faith that I can do it well. That is satisfying because I genuinely respect him. He was one of the city's "40 under 40" movers and shakers a year or two ago. He was in some very hoity-toity company, too.

So, Ego Girl has returned and she is very proud of herself. It is just really hard to pat yourself on the back. My shoulder is sore now.


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